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Working (out) from Home

Leaving our house these days to work out is not so obvious, not to mention leaving our house OR working out period. Millions around the world are battling new circumstances, illnesses, quarantine, layoffs, financial damages, and changes of plans. Top that with an overwhelming chatter, fear, anxiety, feelings of insecurity, and it may be quite hard to see the end of this.

If we really want to help make a difference, we need to gather every bit of ourselves and start raising the vibration around us. While there's so much we can do for this, there's one thing I swear by, and it's working out. The positive impact of moving our body on our overall energy cannot be ignored. And the world really needs our positive energy right now. On the way, we get to enjoy some health benefits and a stronger body, so there really is no reason not to. Right?

Down to my point and due to the circumstances, I collected a few options for working out from home that I'd like to share with you. They all have free trials so you can try them out while tuning into what your body needs most these days. And who knows, you may end up making a routine out of one of them and continue regardless;)

Side note - if you sign up for a free trial, some make you put in credit card details to automatically continue to a payment plan. Make sure to set yourself a reminder to cancel it on time if you think you may not want to proceed post trial.

Pilates / Yoga:

Melissa Wood Health - 7 day free trial, built on a combination of Yoga and Pilates, short to long workouts, with or without props, focusing on long lean lines. Don't miss out on the complementary meditations too. P.S. I love Melissa, you should follow her on IG if you're into a healthy lifestyle, beauty, and moms who can do it all.

Pilates by Lisa - 10 day free trial of classic, precise Pilates. If you're into Pilates or just a beginner, I'd give it a try. This Aussie lady knows what she's doing.

DoYogaWithMe - a FREE platform for Yoga that combines many types of Yoga, teachers and class levels.

Alo Moves - by Alo Yoga (the prestige yoga clothing brand). A 14 day free trial with lots of yoga classes. They also have FREE classes on YouTube.


If you don't know what a Barre workout is, I wrote about it in this post.

Higher Intensity:

Kayla Itsnes - there's a 1 week free trial that you can access at the bottom of the homepage. Kayla is known for her BBG program, if you're looking for a high intensity whole body workout, this is your lady. The workouts are 28 minutes of repetitive cycles (HIIT) including both strength and cardio. She divides them also to full-body workouts and different emphasizes, with an easy to use app and calendar to plan you workout week ahead. Warning - the workout is addicting.

I also got a few recommendations for workouts on YouTube that I haven't tried. Maybe you'd like this form of online better:

I'll stop for now but there truly is so much more if you just hit search on Google. I hope you find something that works for you and that you continue to take good care of your body!

Keep smiling,

Maya xx

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