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Guided Meditations and Healing Techniques


I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while now.

I always love sharing all the things I discover, and I gained myself quite a list here, so it’s about time.

Forever I will swear by the importance of grounding yourself, anchoring into who you are, and the power of healing. As someone who is on a life journey of evolving and growth (as I believe we all are), this is something I need for myself always and more than anything.

As there are so many different things I do to support myself, today I’d like to share with you a list of the guided meditations and healing techniques that are part of my go-to toolkit.

I love each and every one and highly recommend trying some out and choosing what resonates with you most. I do the ones released monthly consistently and the others based on how I feel. For me personally - I love having a base but also a variety which I can play around with, so things never get boring;)

If you feel lost or not sure where to start I'd love for you to reach out either through DM on social media or the email link on the top right of this page.


  1. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Heart Coherence guided meditation - it starts from around minute 7. There’s just something so therapeutic about it, and it really feels like I connnect to a higher realm during it.

  2. Guided affirmations by Abraham Hicks - all of them are such energy boosters and I like this one to start my day.

  3. Naama Zusman’s guided meditations - all are great, and don’t forget to check out the positive affirmations one, it’s super cute.

  4. EFT with Brad Yates - on Instagram and on Youtube. I only recently discovered EFT and am obsessed. You can read more about it here.

Donation Based

Guided meditations by Ashley Sunshine - both are really good, but my favorite is the Business Temple for Spiritual Entrepeneurs. I have a download for my business after every time I listen.

Not Free

  1. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Blessing of the Energy Centers 1 - this is a 45 minute guided meditation for balancing your Chakras, with the perfect music and sounds. It’s SO powerful. It costs $25 and comes with a 20 minute explanation.

  2. Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse Meditation - I did this one weekly for a long time until I discovered the one above by Joe Dispenza. It’s great too. It's also a shorter and cheaper version - $14 and 35 minutes.

  3. Danielle Paige’s virtual full moon circles - she does these every full moon and sometimes new moon. They’re usually 1 hour long, cost $25, and you do not need to do them live - you get the recording after and can do it on your own time. The energy is always super high a few days after the full moon and the healing she walks you through is always relevant - to return to even months after. The hour consists of her talking about the current Astrology energy, breathing exercises, music, and guided meditations. She is my go to Astrologer and I haven’t missed one in 3 years. I also usually repeat the same one multiple times following the full moon to really integrate the healing. They are usually updated here or in the link in her IG profile - so you can follow her for updates.

  4. Natalie's monthly energy guided meditations - every month Natalie Miles releases a podcast episode of the monthly energy theme and with it releases a guided meditation (usually 15 min long) that helps you connect to the energy and work through it. I do these on a monthly basis and even a few times a month as I feel. They each cost $1 and can be purchased here. You can also follow her podcast and IG account for the updates.

  5. Renatta’s full moon virtual circles - I discovered Renatta just recently and love the way she teaches and shares about Astrology. Her virtual circles consist of a presentation in which she shares Astrology updates, a guided meditation, reiki for healing, and guided journaling prompts. The circles can be purchased here and you can follow her IG account for updates.

  6. Sahara Rose's Dharma guided meditation and EFT that you can get when you purchase her book “Discover Your Dharma” (this might have been available only for pre-orders but it’s worth checking). They are both focused on activating the parts of you that support remembering your Dharma, which is your purpose in this lifetime.

  7. Sarah Lewis’s recordings in her Abundance Alchemist online course - I LOVE the EFTs and Abundant Heart Activation guided meditation, they on their own have done huge shifts in me. The course is currently available only to her 1:1 coaching clients but will re-open on it’s own later in 2021. So follow her for updates.

  8. Online Quantam Healing sessions with Lydia Shnaz - 2 hour group sessions (or private). During the session there’s a group talk about the current theme, a 1 hour Quantam Healing session where you lay down, she plays music and does energy work on you, and at the end there’s a group share. It brings so much release, energy and clarity during the days after, and it’s something I recommend you give a try if you are intrigued. For updates and to learn more about it you can follow her here. To sign up you go here.

OK I think that's enough for now:)

I hope these support you too on your journey of growth and evolution <3

And if you ever need the extra support - the menu above has all the ways you can work with me, I'd be more than honoured.



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