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Time to own your unique story and step into your purpose

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

$150 / 500 ILS

A 60 minute Astrology birth chart reading, walking you through the journey of your soul


Did you know that what you know of as your Astrological star sign, say you're a Leo or a Pisces, does not say everything about you?

The reason for that is that your star sign is actually only your Sun sign. Meaning it is the exact location of the sun on the day you were born. And since it takes around a month for the sun to move signs, you'll see many people around the same month with that same sign.

Which is just part of the picture.

Because at the exact moment and location in which you were born, each one of the other planets in the sky (the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, etc.) were also at a specific location, while some move faster and others slower.

As the signs, each planet has different qualities, and when they are in a specific location and in a specific sign, they play out differently, and therefore describe you differently.

This whole system brought together is your Astrology birth chart, and by reading it through it can tell a beautiful story about you and your journey.

A deep dive into:

  • Your personality and energy

  • Where you're headed and your soul's purpose

  • Your strengths, weaknesses and what to look after

  • Gifts you have to share with the world

  • and so much more

Which is exactly what I teach and guide you through in our 60 minutes together!

This reading is for you to get clear and confident on your path in life.

It is for you to understand and accept who you are on a soul level.

But to also evolve and grow into your highest potential.

This is for you to really start aligning yourself to your dream life,

and understanding that there are infinite possibilites available to you,

if you just open your eyes and heart.

You will also be able to share anything on your heart that needs clarification and ask questions along the way so that I can best support you.


Following the session you will receive:

  • A guide describing all the placements and aspects in your chart to review for even more clarity and to keep for future reference

  • A North Star guide focusing specifically on your North Node placement and how to embody it

  • A recording of the session (for the Zoom option) so that you can rewatch on your own time and recieve even more insights that your mind didn't catch the first time

  • A screenshot of your birth chart


* Please note that your full date and time of birth are required for an accurate reading.

* Meeting options: Zoom or in person in Pardes Hana-Karkur (Israel).

So are you ready to finally own your unique story and step into your purpose?

North Star Sessions: My Services
  • What if I don't have an accurate birth time?
    So for the reading you will need: 1. Your full birth date 2. Your exact birth time 3. You birth city If you don't have a time at all we will be able to see a partial picture (an accurate one but only part of it), it still gives so much value but not as much as with the exact time of course. If you do have a time range I play with it and extract the most that I can that is accurate. Either way it's worth it, but it's up to you!
  • Can you predict if I will get married, get this job, make more money, etc.?"
    Short answer: You won’t hear the details or specifics about your future from me. Long answer: I don't believe in predicting the future in such ways, and I don't believe the birth chart can. What it can do is: Show you patterns, Show you the different opportunities, windows, trigger points, Show you the direction your soul is going in, as to what it is learning and what it needs, etc. There is no “will you marry that guy”, or “will you be bankrupt”. Every single day you have infinite opportunities and choices that can affect your timeline. What you get from Astrology is the energy and the essence of your soul and journey. It's up to you to decide how you navigate through it, and the specific details of your story are either dependent on your personal choices or a surprise from the universe. But trying to predict exact scenarios in any way is just interfering with your flow and the magic, and that is something I will never touch. Hope that eases your heart, but if you are still hesitant please feel free to reach out to me by email or book a free call. I'm here for you!
  • I'm scared to hear something bad about my future, could that happen?"
    Please read the answer to the question above!
  • I'm not sure if this is right for me now, should I do this?"
    1. I learned that no matter where you are in life, or if at all you thought you wanted/needed a reading (because mine are sometimes gifted to others), they will always meet you exactly where you're at, with what you are ready and need to hear now. 2. They help light up your soul's journey and give you the option to really reflect on your personality, your gifts, and your unique story. 3. They show you the endless opportunities you have to grow, evolve, and step into your authentic self so that you can thrive in any area of life - health, relationships, career, etc. 4. They give you the clarity and confidence to really own your story and either continue pursuing your dreams or make the shifts to actually do so. 5. I can continue for ages here but they're honestly just super inspiring and fun!
Sarah L.  Dubai (1).png

"If you are looking for an incredible astrology reading, look no further! Maya is THE absolute best! Her heart-centered, down to earth, practical & gentle guidance will help you understand your chart in a way you have never before. It will give you so much clarity, so many aha moments and you will be, like me, referring her readings to everyone you know & wanting to come back for more. She is the only one I would ever trust to read my chart and the one I refer all my clients to! That’s just Maya & her beautiful, magnetic energy"

— Sarah L. / Dubai

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