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It's how YOU see it

Last week I shared this photo in my story and wrote"hello magic".

My friend replied to it and wrote- "what's so magical? it's only the old train station in tel-aviv".

Well he likes to kid around and all, but I immediately realized that it really was only that. It’s just my experience that made it magical for ME.

2 weeks ago I temporarily moved to southern tlv, and every time I go for a run or walk I find myself at this spot. I always stop and look around, and soak it all in, because something in the emptiness of an area that's usually packed, the train that seems as if it's stuck in time, the Christmas lights on the tree, the lights of the tall buildings in the background, just does something to me.

A magical feeling I want to cherish.

Now, of course I understand that not everyone will look at it like this, and I am not asking you to.

But what if you do try to stop and smell the roses more?

What if you do try to find the beauty in what is already around you?

Because it's up to you.

You can shape what you see and how you experience things.

And while there's always negative to find if you search for it,

and life is surely not an easy ride,

there's also so much goodness waiting for you to notice.

Waiting for you to smell,

to taste,

to breathe,

to see,

and to ENJOY!!

Don't you agree?

Now go find a rose to smell 🌹😘



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