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Private Coaching

Let’s get started!

Below you will find 2 experiences to choose from. Each one will empower you to embrace healthier habits and spill wellness into your life so that it feels easy and like it’s second nature.

Option 1: The Wellness Freedom Consultation

A 90 minute private experience that will make you aware of your unhealthy habits and the things that are keeping you stuck. It will empower you to take the next steps in creating a healthier lifestyle. 

The consultation includes:

  • A 90 min consultation session

  • We will assess your health history, current eating habits and behaviors, your fitness routine and anything that may have a part in your personal wellness journey

  • Emailed summary of the session & documented recommendations

  • A month of personal support via phone, text and email​

Option 2: The Wellness Freedom 3 Month Coaching Program

A deep dive into not only your eating and exercise habits, but your whole lifestyle. Together we will uncover exactly what is getting in the way of you feeling your best in your body.

This program is all about you , what works for you, and what is realistic and sustainable for you.

Together we will knockout exactly how to remove those things that are blocking you so you can step into being a healthier happier person.

The program includes:

  • A 90 min consultation meeting where we will assess your current lifestyle and goals

  • 5X60 min bi-weekly coaching sessions

  • Summary sessions & documented recommendations after each session

  • Personal support via phone, text and email​


While working together we may:

  • Clean up your diet

  • Discover and eliminate any foods that don’t serve you well

  • Explore recipes, meal ideas and meal preps that work for you

  • Go for a tour at the nearest health food store

  • Find a fitness routine that your body will appreciate

  • Heal your relationship with diet and fitness while finding ease and fun around it

  • Nurture your self-care

  • Explore new interests for you

  • Discuss anything that comes up for you in life that may be holding you back

You also get - 50% off two personal training sessions with me.

Sessions take place in Tel Aviv or via Skype.


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