Time to Build Your Purposeful Life

Private Coaching

A deep dive into your mind, body & soul. Together we will uncover exactly what is getting in the way of you feeling your best, being in your joy and light, and living your purposeful life. 

This program is all about you , what works for you, and what is realistic and sustainable for you.

Together we will knockout exactly how to remove those things that are blocking you, while introducing things to support you, so that you can fully step into the path of fulfillment.

The following is a program template which it's length, frequency and content, is adjusted to your personal needs. All evaluated during a free discovery call.

The program includes:

  • An initial 90 min session where we evaluate where you are and what your goals are. This includes an astrology birth chart reading which will give us perks on you for the process!

  • 5X60 min bi-weekly coaching sessions

  • Summary sessions & documented recommendations after each session

  • Personal support via email​


While working together we may:

  • Clean up your diet

  • Explore recipes, meal ideas and meal preps that work for you

  • Find a fitness routine that you can stick to

  • Identify and start healing your mind-body-soul relationship

  • Change the way you look at things

  • Nurture your self-care

  • Find more things that bring you joy and light up your soul

  • Explore your purpose and how to step into it

  • Discuss anything that comes up for you in life that may be holding you back

Sessions take place via Zoom.


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