Ever found Astrology fun but didn't really understand how the generic daily horoscopes work?


Curios to learn more about what your full Astrology birth chart can highlight and how it's unique to you?


Ready to understand what it actually means when something is written in the stars?


In this 1.5 hour online group workshop you will get an introduction to the world of Astrology and birth charts that is so much more than just your sun sign and daily horoscope.


You will learn how it actually helps shed light on who you are at a soul level and why you are here.


You will learn how it can give you the clarity and confidence to work on what needs to be worked on and to move in the direction of your dreams and purpose.


And you will each receive personalized highlights from your own birth chart on your soul’s purpose!

What we will be discussing:

  • An overview of Astrology and birth charts

  • The different ways your chart reveals your unique gifts, areas of growth and your soul’s purpose - the reason you incarnated in this lifetime

  • The North Node and its role in defining your soul’s purpose

  • A short review of the North Node and it’s placement for each of the participants - you will each receive personalized highlights on your own purpose!

  • Q&A


** To keep a group experience and to hold space for the personal readings the number of participants is limited to 10.

** Reading your birth chart requires your exact birth date and time (if you don’t have the exact time you will still be able to get some nice perks but not the whole picture).

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