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Ever found Astrology fun but didn't really understand how the generic daily horoscopes work?


Curios to learn more about what your full Astrology birth chart can highlight and how it's unique to you?


Ready to understand what it actually means when something is written in the stars?


In this 2 hour online group workshop you will get an introduction to the world of Astrology and birth charts that is so much more than just your sun sign and daily horoscope.


You will learn how it actually sheds light on who you are on a soul level and why you are here.


You will learn how it gives you the clarity and confidence to step more into your strengths and gifts.


You will learn how it opens up endless opportunities for you to move forward in the direction of your dreams and purpose, with the option to actually choose what you end up doing.


And you will each receive personalized highlights from your own birth chart on your soul’s purpose!

You will learn:

  • How to pull up your own birth chart and start reading it

  • About the different planets, signs and houses and how their placement in your birth chart weaves the story of you

  • About the sun, moon and rising sign and their role in describing you in your everyday

  • About the different planets that play an important role in describing your unique gifts and purpose in this lifetime

  • What your own North Node is and what it means for your soul’s journey and purpose - yes, you will receive a personal North Node reading!

This is an interactive workshop that will allow you to engage and ask questions along the way.


  • Following the session you will also receive your own North Star guide with recommendations on how to step further into your North Node.

  • You will also be given a special offer to book a 60 min birth chart reading with me at a special discounted price.


  • To keep a group experience and to hold space for the personal readings the number of participants is limited to 10.

  • Reading your birth chart requires your exact birth date and time (if you don’t have the exact time you will still be able to get some nice perks but not the whole picture).

Join the waitlist for the next public workshop:

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Reach out for private collaboration inquiries:

Add this workshop to your signature group program or course as a bonus to your clients, or any other collaboration you have in mind.


North Star Sessions: My Services

"My astrology workshop with Maya was incredible!! I didn't know that much about Astrology beforehand, and it always seemed very complicated and overwhelming to me. Maya has such a special way of making it very easy and understandable, and I got so many insights about my life and purpose through learning about my south and north node, Sun / rising / moon sign and reading my birth chart!! Thank you Maya for this amazing session, I will be back for more!"

Lydia S. / Paris

"Maya’s workshop helped me understand myself through the magical lens of Astrology. I had always been interested in the subject, but never truly understood the intricacies and how to apply them to my everyday life. Maya mapped out my entire birth chart and North Star placement and  explained everything so clearly. She asked profound questions that encouraged me to reframe past and present experiences. At the same time, she opened my eyes to the many possibilities ahead. A truly inspiring and heartening experience!"

Sarah K. / Israel

"Maya, you are the deliverer of truth and deep understanding of human kind. Your gift combined with your intuition is pure magic and my gratitude towards you is extra special. Thank you so much."

Jodi L. / USA

"Not only did I love all the content of the workshop, but Maya's energy and her sense of humour makes you want to keep on going further and deeper."

Mica Pomerantz / Israel

"Wow I loved it so much, thank you so much. It was perfect."

"Read my friend's chart yesterday! It went really well and we both loved it!! So thank you!"

"היה לנו באמת מאוד מעניין וחוויתי, והמשכנו לדבר על הנושא גם אחרי שירדנו מהשיחה איתך :)

הנינוחות, האותנטיות והסבלנות שלך, לצד המקצועיות והידע הרב, ממש נגעו בנו והפכו את הסדנה לטעימה מתוקה ואיכותית מהנושא המרתק הזה. אז תודה רבה!!"

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