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Welcome my love!

Here’s something most people won’t tell you.

Living your unique joyful and purposeful life is your birthright,

and it's your life contract to fulfill.

Yep. You’re not here to please anyone else, or to follow

a path that society has paved out for you.

They also won’t tell you that it's not something you

achieve when you finally look a certain way.

Or when you land that sexy looking, high paying job.

Or when you can tell the world you’re in a perfect relationship,

and have the perfect kids, and the perfect house.

In fact, being in your joy and purpose is quite easier than

endlessly running after all those external goals.

It actually feels liberating. Like second nature.

But so often, you find yourself stuck.          

Constantly worried about how you feel and look in your body,

because most of the time you just don’t feel comfortable in it.

​You obsess over your eating choices, your next workout, because you

can’t identify what will make you feel your best.

You have endless thoughts about your job, and if you’re in the right one,

or if maybe you should pursue another opportunity or direction.

You think that that one person should always love you and be there for you,

while you are never really there for yourself to begin with.

​And you don’t have enough time for all the things you actually want to do because

you spend so much of it locked down in these never ending struggles.

This was my reality for SO long.

I never knew that there was another way to live my life. That I could actually be joyful in my purpose, feeling healthy, strong and confident to pave my own path, without those daily struggles.

About: About

Hey! I'm Maya.

I'm a Spiritual Life Coach,  Astrologer and Wellness Expert.

There was a phase prior to this one in which I was "Maya Lieber - Personal Trainer & Health Coach", focusing on helping amazing women (and men) feel strong and confident in their skin and body.

I also a had a very fruitful career (15 years!) working for global tech companies, both corporate and start-ups. From the coder behind the scenes to Product / Project Management roles, and even Sales & Marketing. I was lucky to learn so much during that time, have beautiful experiences, gain lifetime friendships, and travel the world while doing so!

When I’m not working you can find me at the beach, chasing sunsets, moving my body, or consuming knowledge on anything spiritual, health or self-help.

Oh and the stars, I love the stars.


I spent years-

  • Obsessing over having the right body through excessive training and restrictive eating, continuously feeling sick and ill because I was never treating it right.

  • Jumping between jobs and chasing titles in a tech career that was naturally paved for me, and I happened to be good at, but I never wholeheartedly chose.

  • Getting lost in relationships, losing my identity, my path, my worth, hitting rock bottom over and over again.


I was never able to settle, or feel fulfilled, or fully happy, in my body and skin. 

Nothing felt aligned, because I was lacking connection to myself, to my purpose, and was always seeking external validation. 


It took me years of hard work, learning and exploring, being a student and being coached, to uncover myself layer by layer -


  • I became mindful about my eating habits, following the foods that feel good to me while making room for both healthy and fun.

  • I learned to listen to my body and always exercise in a way that best supports it, even when resting is the answer.

  • I started following more of the things, people, and places that brought me light and joy, letting go of what did not.

  • I connected on a deeper level to myself and started aligning with who I really was at my core, releasing the need to fit into a perception that was other than mine.

  • I gained faith in my journey and the natural unfolding of life, instead of trying to control every bit of it.

  • I discovered my purpose and started expressing it in every area of my life, allowing myself to slowly become it.


And now, it’s my own personal mission to share what I’ve learned with you!

About: About Me
About: About


  • BSc from Tel Aviv University, Computer Science & Business

  • Fitness Trainer Certification (Gym, Personal Training and TRX), Hagymnasia Sports School, Tel Aviv

  • Health Coaching Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York

  • Pilates Instructor Certification, HaGymnasia Sports School, Tel Aviv

  • Barre Instructor Certification, Pilates Studio Academy, Tel Aviv

  • Astrology Mystery School Level 1, 2 & 3, Danielle Paige, Online

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