Welcome, new friend!

Here’s something most people won’t tell you.

Being someone who is both healthy and fit is very simple.

It’s not something you achieve through food restriction, or excessive exercise, or obsessive management of your weight every single day.

In fact, being healthy should feel liberating. It should feel like second nature.

But so often, you find yourself stuck.          

Constantly worried about how you feel in your body, in your skin, because most of the time you just don’t feel comfortable in it.

You have endless thoughts about your next workout, believing that without it you won’t be at your best.

You obsess over healthy food choices, crave for the wrong ones, and left feeling drained and unsatisfied either way.

​And you don’t have enough time for all the things you actually want to do because you spend so much of it locked down in these never ending struggles.

This was my reality for SO long.

I never knew that there was another way to live my life, with a wellness freedom. That when I would find it, I could actually feel happy, healthy, strong and confident to take care of myself, without those daily struggles.


Hey! I'm Maya.

I'm an Israeli, born in New York, living in Tel-Aviv. And both feel like home to me:)

I have a BSc in Computer science with over a decade of work experience in tech.

I held some exciting positions, in global companies, in which I had the opportunity to learn so much, travel the world, meet and work with exciting cultures, and experienced so many unforgettable moments.

While I am grateful for that period of my life, it is not really the reason I am here today.

My story goes way back to my childhood.

I was one active little girl who also happened to love food. Dancing was my main activity but my dad, who loves running, helped light my exercise spark at a very young age.

Ever since, I was always attracted to that high feeling when moving your body. And food you ask? I’d just eat anything, including all the fast food and sweets you could think of. I also loved baking from a very young age and throughout the years I was always responsible for the birthday cakes and holiday desserts.

Even though my parents made sure we ate healthy at home, all the options were available for me outside and believe me, I did not miss out on anything.

I was happy, and I felt good in my body.

But then, things became more serious in my late teens when I went through a painful teenage break-up. My low self-esteem surfaced around my facial acne, and an esthetician I trusted gave me non medical advice to eliminate all fats from my diet to clear it up.

Feeling so down on myself, I took her advice to the extreme and did not touch any food that had even a little bit of fat in it. I immediately started losing weight and my digestion significantly slowed down, causing me severe stomach pain. I tried every pill and remedy out there to improve it, which caused me to lose even more weight.

Physically feeling bad, I knew I was doing something wrong and started to seek help. I went to doctors and dietitians to help get my digestion back on track, and as part of that process I also understood that I needed to gain weight back. I started to eat healthier food and increase the amount I ate. It was extremely hard for me because even though I was thin before this all began, I started to get used to my new low weight and couldn’t imagine myself gaining any back.

I suddenly found myself at the gym almost every night of the week, trying to burn those extra calories off and help improve my digestion. But still I experienced unbearable abdominal pain and I ended every day crying in bed, trying to massage it to sleep.

I was feeling low. I hated the way I looked. My acne was far from gone. I started to go to different doctors, and did many tests to find a real reason for my stomach pain. I was hoping that it was some sort of disease that could be cured with medicine, so I wouldn’t need to play around with my diet any more. Eventually I was just diagnosed with severe IBS, prescribed antidepressants and sent to a psychologist. I then started seeking the help of any alternative medical solution out there. I tried naturopathies, reflexologists, and masseuses. I read every piece of health information I could find.

My whole wellness journey, however, got a new meaning when I landed in Australia for a business trip. There were a few wellness gurus I was following at the time and as their lifestyle intrigued me, I thought to try to copy it for the time I was there. Before every trip I would always look-up local places for working out and healthy restaurants to eat at. Through one of the ladies I was following, I found this small boutique gym in Sydney that was built on personal training sessions and thought I’d give it a try. I never took private sessions before and the experience there was unique.

The attention I got, the personal touch, the conversation, it moved something in me and was suddenly much more than just a workout. At some point I just looked at the trainer and thought to myself that I want to be one too, feeling so extreme to think that at the time with the career I already had. After each session I would choose a nice cafe in the neighborhood based on recommendations and took my time to eat a delicious nutritious meal. I would walk back to my hotel feeling peaceful and whole. I started to understand that there was much more to my wellbeing than my excessive training and strict eating rules.

I came home from that trip with a bucket full of new people in the wellness industry to follow, tons of inspiration for living a healthier life and thoughts about expanding my knowledge through fitness or nutrition school. But most important, I picked up the idea that I just wanted to be healthy and happy. I didn’t want to run after myself anymore, struggle with food, exercise, my body. I was determined to learn how. I started working with an amazing life coach, who helped me in every aspect of my life, my career, my relationships with others, with myself. I started reading self-help books and diving deep into many different blogs, but this time it was less about what I should eat or what type of exercise I should do, and more about connecting to myself to figure that out on my own.

This experience inspired me to sign up for fitness trainer school and I considered to go part time at my job so I could also study nutrition. Months later, I landed on a page of an Israeli woman who studied nutrition at IIN, something I had in my list from when I got back from Australia. I contacted her and a few people to ask about it and I realized that it was the perfect next step for me.

At this point my body was drained, physically and emotionally injured from all the stress, the lack of sleep, the combination of exercise and nutrition I chose. It was time for me to fully respect and listen to my body. I continued on my new health journey, tuning into it and implementing everything I learned.

  • I fed it slowly with the love it was so deeply craving over the years.

  • I learned to choose the right form of exercise and the right intensity at any period of time, and resting was not an enemy anymore.

  • I discovered how to identify what foods feel good for me and which don’t.

  • I learned how to always have a healthy meal I love available to me but to also let go and enjoy other options when I feel like it.

  • I developed healthy and conscious eating habits. I converted my love for baking to make delicious nutritious snacks.

  • I started to really enjoy my time alone, with others, working, while not stressing out about food and exercise. Giving everything it’s space and time.

  • I started feeling like the little girl in me again, more light and free in my own body than ever.

Today I’m here, as a certified fitness trainer and health coach, to spread my deep love for these topics. To help you overcome your fear and confusion around exercise and nutrition, by connecting to your body and learning how to take the best of care for it. To show you how to stop hurting it and treat it in the loving way it deserves. To help you find and build the healthy lifestyle that is the best fit for YOU. I believe that you can make these choices in fun and simple ways, so that you can release your stress around it, and set yourself free to discover and accomplish your truest and deepest desires.





  • BSc from Tel Aviv University, Computer Science & Business

  • Fitness Trainer Certification (Gym, Personal Training and TRX), Hagymnasia Sports School, Tel Aviv

  • Health Coaching Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York

  • Pilates Instructor Certification, HaGymnasia Sports School, Tel Aviv

  • Barre Instructor Certification, Pilates Studio Academy, Tel Aviv


©2017 by Maya Lieber.