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Trust Your Journey

Something I love learning is that when things don't go my way or when I don't get what I want, it may just be because it's not for me. At least for now.⠀

And if it isn't, it means that there are more beautiful and aligned things waiting for me.⠀

In the beginning of 2020 I really wanted to move to NYC. I was after a breakup, and I thought that it was the perfect timing to pursue that dream of mine.⠀

I pushed so hard to try and find the right job opportunity, but nothing I encountered felt good. Quite the opposite, any step close to it felt so painful in my body that I just couldn't go for it.

After letting go for a while, a series of events occurred and the opportunity I was waiting for landed in my lap. I was super excited, and felt like the stars finally aligned.

But there was something in me that prevented me from immediately saying yes. I already accepted the fact that I'm staying here in TLV, I felt happy and full, and it just didn't feel aligned anymore.

I delayed the decision as much as I could. But so quickly the universe delivered it's clear answer- the Covid outbreak started increasing exponentially.

Moving to the city in the middle of a pandemic was a final deal breaker for me, and I felt quite lucky that I wasn't already there.

It took me a while to fully let go, as my mind kept trying to second guess my decision- turning down something that I previously wanted so badly. But I eventually did.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, I am so grateful I stayed here.

Because that 1 NYC dream I had was replaced by the fruition of a whole bunch of other beautiful dreams.

Of course nobody knows what kind of timeline I would have activated if I did move, but looking back at the year I had here, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Well most of it, you know;)

And New York you ask? Still can happen someday, or maybe it’s happening right now. In some parallel universe 🤪

What about you- is there something in your life that you pursued which didn’t work out as you expected?⠀

Can you find the beauty in what you got instead?⠀

Because I know it's either there or on it's way. XO,


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