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Intuitive Movement

I spent many years of my life only running.⠀

For highschool gym, to burn off what I ate, to relieve my IBS, to reach 10K, 21K, and then came the big marathon.⠀

But it was only after my 30K training run that I realized I was badly injured. And for quite a while already.⠀

I had to immediately stop running and replace it with physio, swimming, Pilates.⠀

All those years of obsessing over running, but never did I stop to listen to what my body really needed, neither did I strengthen it at it's core to support it.⠀

It was a long healing journey, on all levels.⠀

But I finally learned what was right for me, and I like to call it- my intuitive approach to movement.⠀

It includes:⠀

  • Having a few different options that are accessible and that feel good to me out what I love: running, walking, spinning, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, swimming.

  • Knowing that I prefer to do these in the evening, around 6/7pm or weekends around noonish.

  • Making sure to have those slots free and aim always for "today" unless I really can't = feel off / or have other obligations (I believe in moving daily, even if it's super gentle).

  • Seeing how my body feels throughout the day and what it's craving, and choosing the best available workout that matches that.⠀

But that's me.

I need to have a home base, some sort of consistency and structure, but in that I have to have the right amount of freedom and flexibility to flow. Otherwise my soul gets drained, my body becomes unhealthy, and I lose my mind;)⠀

That's also pretty much how it works for me in all areas of life. It’s my nature.⠀

And I challenge you to think of yours.⠀

Because there is no right or wrong, there is only what's right for YOU.⠀

And if you master that, you get one big upgrade to your life!

Lots of love,


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