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My Go-To Green Smoothie

A health Coach that doesn't drink green juices? Yep, that was me. Scrolling on IG, seeing all those photos of green smoothies and juices, wondering how they taste and how they would make me feel, and if one day I would be drinking them too.

As a health coach, people always ask me, what I think about green juices, or green smoothies, or which are better and what I think about cleanses. Well, I never had a good answer, because I never tried one.

I never had trouble eating vegetables and I always made sure to eat a big salad as or with my main meals and use them in my cooked dishes as well. I was also kind of afraid that that the juice wont feel comfortable in my stomach as it has an IBS tendency. So it was also last on my list in terms of health trends.

Eventually a friend of mine convinced me to buy this smoothie blender and I did so, hoping it will push me to try it out.

Last week one of my best friends told me she wants to start drinking green juices and if I had a recipe for her. A friend that swears by McDonalds. She really does try to take care of her health lately, but a green juice? That lit me up, and called for a blog post.

So here you go.

Hope you try it, and that you actually find it quite tasty and refreshing. Don't be afraid to play with the ingredients and start off with it being a little extra fruity if you need. I'm here if you have any questions.




Ingredients for 1 serving:

- 1 cup of lettuce

- A handful of spinach

- 3 kale leaves

- Juice from 1 lemon

- A serving a of a healthy fat: 1 teaspoon natural almond butter (my choice) / Any nut butter you like / Tahini / Olive Oil / 5 nuts

- A fruit serving (not a must): A Pair / Apple / Date / Half a banana / A cup of any other fruit. You can also combine 2 half's. I use half a pair and sometimes combine it with a date if I feel like it.

- 5 ice cubes

Blend all together until mixture is smooth, and drink!

* This is the blend I found I like best, but you can play with all the ingredients and find what works best for you, just make sure to stick to a vegetable base.

** I use this blender, it's reasonably priced and surprisingly does the job, though it's large enough for about 1 serving. If you need more at a time they have bigger versions as well.


מרכיבים למנה אחת:

- כוס עלי חסה

- חופן עלי תרד

- 3 עלי קייל

- מלפפון

- מיץ מלימון 1

- מנת שומן בריאה: כפית ממרח שקדים טבעי (הבחירה שלי) / ממרח אגוז אחר / טחינה / שמן זית או 5 שקדים / אגוזים

- מנת פרי (לא חובה): אגס / תפוח / תמר / חצי בננה / כוס פרי לבחירתכם. אפשר גם לשלב 2 חצאים. אני משתמשת בחצי אגס ולפעמים מוסיפה תמר אם אני מרגישה צורך.

- 5 קוביות קרח

להכנס הכל לבלנדר, להפעיל עד שנהיית עיסה חלקה, ולשתות!

* זה השילוב שמצאתי שטעים לי אבל עם הכל אפשר לשחק, ועדיף שהבסיס ישאר כמה שיותר ירק. ירוקים נוספים שאפשר להוסיף: סלרי, מנגולד, פטרוזיליה, כוסברה.

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