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11 Things that pick me up

I’ve been at home alone for over a month now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and current rules, and while people are surprised to hear this, I kind of like it.

I of course DO NOT like the circumstances that are causing this, that people are ill, that people are losing their lives, their loved ones, their jobs, the impact on the economic system, the emotional impact on our society, these are devastating. And I truly hope we continue to follow the rules to reduce the damage as much and as soon as possible.

But yes, I am enjoying this pause we are offered, the opportunity to look inward. To deal with emotions and feelings and situations we have never thought we'd encounter in this lifetime. The strength that we will come out with, the positive changes that are arising (even if we cannot yet see them). Nature restoring itself. I am grateful for all these.

I also do like being on my own and at home, so this is definitely a natural state for me. This doesn't mean that I don't struggle, but I'm happy to have myself a good system of things that can instantly make me feel better, and shine my light. Because that's what we're all really here for anyway.

I'd love to share them with you, just in case you can pick up a few for yourself or they encourage you to find your own.

Mentioning these, I am not saying that I do things that are mindful and productive 100% of the time. We are allowed to do nothing. We are allowed to scroll. We are allowed to binge watch TV. We are allowed to just dwell in what is. I'm just saying, that if we do these stuff and continuously feel bad, or down, or have negative emotions, it could be a good sign to do something nice for ourselves.


I recently wrote this post about home workout options. During this period I try to move my body everyday, even if it's just for 20 minutes. It just puts me in a totally different state of flow. My anchors these days are Melissa Wood's app and my favorite TLV studios - FiT Studio & Pilates Studio (they have daily live Zoom workouts with the most amazing teachers I know). I'll also run a few times around the block later at night if I really need the air.

Books & Podcasts

I love listening to Podcasts, books on Audible or reading on my Kindle. I'm mostly into the more inspirational / self-help stuff and am currently reading More Myself by Alicia Keys. It's mind-blowing for me and I cannot put it down.


Music can raise my vibration instantly. I sing to it, I dance to it, and I meditate to it. DAILY. My current go-to is, guess what, Underdog. And this version too. Or for a state of peace - the song Remember by Omkara.


I've been in the kitchen since I can remember myself and baking or cooking (and then eating) something nutritious can get my brain into a lovely meditative state. My current favorites are avocado pesto with brown rice pasta and these chocolate chip tahini cookies. I also love just simply tossing some veggies with tofu and rice in a pan.

The Sun

There’s nothing like a natural dose of vitamin D. Even 15 minutes out under the sun can instantly brighten my day. Lately I've been combining this with reading my book and it does wonders.


While I'm not physically surrounded by people, I am definitely virtually surrounded by them. If it's not work, then it's friends, and family, at any time, all around the world, who are just a video call away. I also almost always encounter friendly acquaintances when I go outside for air, and they immediately put a smile on my face.


I recently discovered the Insight Timer app, that is very easy to use with a large variety of guided meditations. One of my favorite Wellness Guru's, Melissa Ambrosini, has a few cute options there too.

If you're looking to learn more about this topic and some interesting scientific facts I'd recommend Emily Fletcher's book Stress Less, Accomplish More. Her technique is great too.

I also love doing this guided chakra cleanse and some other virtual healing circles that I'll save for another time;)


I’ve been writing in journals since the day I could write. All my thoughts, feelings, ideas or anything that comes up for me, good or bad, go in there. It can bring me an immediate state of relief when something is on my heart or nudging my brain.


If you know me, I laugh a lot, and it's quite easy to make me laugh. Laughter for me is one of the most therapeutic things out there. The people in my life make me laugh, the current situation memes make me laugh, and if you're not familiar with this brilliant Instagram account, please be now.


Having a good night sleep or resting in bed when possible are very essential to me, and help restore a lot of my lost energy during these heavy days. I do everything in my power to carve out the space and time for this, even if it's just for a glimpse.


Watching TV is actually my last choice but if it's something good and inspirational I can quickly get hooked. I recently saw 2 short series - Unorthodox and Self Made and loved them both.


That's it, at least under the current circumstances. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get some ideas for yourself and I hope you enjoy the time you have to explore what makes you feel good.

Stay safe and healthy, XO,


P.S. If you have additional questions on any of these please feel free to reach out!

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