Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready to start your day.

You get dressed with ease and like how you look when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

You make time for a homemade healthy breakfast and enjoy every bite.

When you arrive at work, you're no longer tempted by the cookies and cakes

because they don't make you feel good.

You leave the office excited for your time at the gym because you've finally found a workout you love.

Best of all, you feel an inner strength and a true desire to be well and be good to yourself every day.

What if I say that you can do more than just imagine this?

That you could wake up to this reality EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Hey there, I'm Maya.
I'm so happy you're here :)

I'm an intuitive wellness expert, nutrition health coach and fitness trainer. I spent years obsessing over fitness and nutrition, believing it was the answer to accepting my body, managing my IBS and dealing with my many health concerns. The truth is that only when I let go, gave my body the love and respect it deserved, I was able to heal it and set myself free. Now, I'm on a mission to share what I’ve learned with you.


How I Can Help


Private Coaching

Discover exactly how
to feel your best

Push Up

Personal Training

Feel fit and strong
in your skin

Young Ballerinas

Group Fitness Classes

Group energy and personal attention!


“I train with Maya twice a week and she is the best. She pushes me but in a really supportive way so I always feel excited and energized after class. I've lost weight, but more importantly to me, I feel so much better than I did when I started with her a few months ago. Maya also does nutrition consulting, and she's given me a lot of great advice (and chocolate date balls, which are heavenly).”

Ariane M.

“Maya helped me feel comfortable right away and created a plan to fit my specific needs and sensitivities. I love that our routines include everything from pilates to TRX to HIT training. In addition to the physical aspect, she is a phenomenal emotional support system. She understands that feeling good is a combination of body and soul, and brings that energy to every session. I feel empowered every time I leave her studio and definitely notice an overall transformation in the way I look and feel.”

Sarah K.

“Maya is more than just a personal trainer. I am extremely critical of my body; working with her has changed the way I look at my naked self and strengthened parts of my body I didn't even know I had! The workouts always leave me feeling energized as she’ll always cater to your body’s needs. Maya will train your body and support your soul; her studio will become a place of power, both physical and emotional.”

Michalleah M.


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