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7 Steps to shift your day

You wake up in the morning thinking to yourself- "what's the purpose of all of this".

You may have had a rough night.

You may not want to get out of bed.

You may feel heavy-hearted.

You may have a lot of things going on.

There ARE a lot of things going on.

While I honor those feelings.

And give them their space.

I also know that you can shift your day, and make the best out of it, without neglecting any of your obligations.

  1. Start with your eyes closed, hands on your heart.

  2. Breathe in from your nose, out from your mouth.

  3. Give it a few full minutes.

  4. Think of a few things you currently do appreciate in your life, I know there are.

  5. Now think of things that fill you up, things that ignite your soul, your curiosity. It could be as simple as reading a good book, talking to a dear friend, cooking something you love, walking to see the nearest sunset, listening to music, doing your favorite workout, learning something new.

  6. Hold on to the vision of you doing them, and carve out time for at least one today.


Try this, trust me.

Because this is how you start -> by making each day better, by doing these small shifts, and bringing in the little things that bring you joy.

They are the breadcrumbs to you waking up one day and thinking to yourself- "I am full of purpose".

Because you are.




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