Uncover your soul’s purpose

North Star Sessions



This is a 90 min focused coaching session in which we discuss the areas you currently feel stuck in your life so you can walk away with more clarity.

I walk you through your Astrology birth chart, focusing on your soul's purpose, areas of growth, and gifts.

Together we uncover your next steps towards more alignment and fully embodying who you are here to be, so that you can be empowered and confident in creating a life that is truly yours!

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born. It reveals the precise location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied. And it is unique to you.


It is the map of your soul.

What I learn from it:

  • Your personality and energy.

  • Where you're headed and your purpose.

  • Your strengths, weaknesses and what to look after.

  • Gifts you have to share with the world.

Following the session you will get:​

  • Highlights of your chart, focusing on your soul's purpose, areas of growth, and gifts.

  • A summary of the tips, action items, and recommendations that will best support you next.

  • 2 weeks of email follow-ups where you can ask about anything that comes up for you after our session, I will continue to support and help you navigate through.

I'm truly looking forward to supporting you!

To take you from CONFUSION to CLARITY.

So that you start feeling EXCITED and EMPOWERED in YOUR life.

And can finally start stepping into the purposeful life you're dreaming of.

Your investment: $250

Are you ready?

Book yours today:

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