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A deep dive into you and Astrology

Astro Coaching

A 3 session package of 60 minute Astro Coaching sessions.


This package is for you if you've done a birth chart reading with me and:

  • You still have so many questions about your birth chart that you'd like to explore!

  • You'd like to dive deeper into a specific topic we've touched.

  • You'd like a realtionship Astrology reading (I do Synastry readings) with a special someone in your life: partner / family member / bestie / etc. 

  • You're going through your Saturn Return or any sort of spiritual awakening, and would like the extra support and guidance, from me and of the stars.


Important Notes:

  • Once you book your first session here you will recieve a payment-less link to book the rest.

  • The following 2 sessions must be booked within 2 months.

  • Cancellation or re-scheduling must be done up to 24 hours before the session or email me at for special cases.


So excited to meet again soon <3


Private Coaching: My Services
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