3-Session Jumpstart Coaching Package

Your North Star

North is a direction we can easily point out.

Yet sometimes we still get lost.

So we use a compass, or follow the shining north star.

And we find our way.

And sometimes, that’s all we need for ourselves too.

To find our own north star. 

And that’s where I step in..
And why I created this Your North Star Package!

It includes 3 personalized 1:1 sessions where I help you light up your north star.

Focused to help you get some more clarity on where you’re going, and the little steps that you can do next.

To add a little more joy into your day to day life, and give it more purpose.

Because when you start to step into that, that’s where the magic lies.

Where you get closer to yourself, and fully step into the beautiful, vibrant, loving person you are.

During the first session we will review your astrology birth chart.

The chart has great insights on the different gifts you have to share with the world, your purpose, and ways to pursue it, so that you can fully step into your potential and power.

You can look at it as a map of your soul, a compass, an extra tool, to help you navigate life.

If this is too woo-woo for you we can always skip this part and jump straight into the coaching, don’t worry!

So are you ready to start living your purposeful life?

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